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Feeling Blue? Add Some Green!



Non-flowering indoor plants can help improve air quality and boost your mood during dreary gray days. Good choices are aloe, Goldon pothos (a vine) and dracaena. Although flowering plants may make you happy, they can release pollen into the air, which could trigger allergy symptoms. Our friends at Zaarly have a few tips on keeping indoor plants.

  1. Indoor plants usually need sunshine and lots of pot space. Re-pot any plant with roots that reach out of the draining hole in the pot.
  2. Water your plants with a fertilizer once a week. This may seem like too much, but it's actually highly recommended for potted plants.
  3. Keep warm-climate plants, like cacti or aloes, away from drafty windows.
  4. Don’t overwater. Let the roots dry out a bit in between watering to promote root growth.
  5. Thinking of starting some seedlings indoors? If this is new to you, buy a seed germination kit that includes the soil and warming pad of 65 degrees or better.

If you're not sure which indoor plants are right for your home's lighting and size or for your family, or you're just not sure how to care for your favorites, ask someone at the nursery or connect with a gardening pro for help. Zaarly can help you find the right service professional to help you take care of your plants — and even teach you a few tips along the way.

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