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Welcome August 2017 New Agents


Welcome August 2017 new agents

Jerry Casey, Parkville                   Amanda Cramer, East
Quentin Lucas, Blue Springs   Leslie Maschger, Lee’s Summit
Becky Moreland, Shewmaker   Kim Shields, Leawood
Mindy Wetmore, Leawood   Darlene Bailey, REALTORS Kearney
Lindsay Bailey, Mid Missouri   Karen Baird, Premier Realty
Cheryl Bowman, Liberty   Maria Bugenhagen, Southgate
Catherine Colwell, Leawood   Jim Cummings, West
Kate Duffey, Country Club Plaza   Michael Estes, Leawood
Charlie Fitzgerald, The Village   Dani Grant, West
Maggie Harrison, Leawood   Kylie Henslee, Liberty
Tomi Hitt, Leawood   Heather Impens, Overland Park
Scott Johnson, Lee’s Summit   Amanda Marland, The Village
Mary Mcleod, Southgate   Charles Melkersman, Landmark Realty Group
Katie Raines, Liberty   Sean Richards, Preferred Realty
Nick Russ, Leawood   Autum Schnell, Blue Springs
Laura Stock, West   Nili Stone, Olathe
Diana Turner, Olathe   Kristin Turner, Kansas City North
Bridget Unruh, The Village   Shana Widau, Olathe