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6 Tips to an Enjoyable Winter


I hate to admit it but I’ve been noticing the days are starting to get shorter. That can mean only one thing, winter is on the way and I need to get ready for the days of coats, boots, gloves, and hats. I also need to make sure that my home is just as prepared. I’ve learned from past experience, I’ll be a lot more comfortable dealing with the dog days of winter if I get my autumn to-do list out of the way now. The following is a list of easy winterization tips.

1. Check the furnace.

In order to keep your furnace in optimal condition, it should be cleaned and tuned annually by a certified HVAC technician. During the winter you should check your filter monthly.

2. Insulate.

Make sure all cracks and leaks are sealed and that your attic has at least 12” of insulation on the floor. If you go into the attic and you can see the floor joists you know don’t have enough.

3. Wrap those pipes.

Be sure all out door plumbing is turned off and properly drained including the sprinkler system. Disconnect all hoses to prevent frozen hose bibs. Also insulate all plumbing that passes through unheated spaces.

4. Check all detectors.

Replace batteries in the smoke alarms and CO detectors. If you don’t have a CO detector install one.

5. Reverse the ceiling fans.

It sounds like a small tip but it will push the warm air downward and help keep you more comfortable.

6. Clean the chimney.

Also make sure the chimney cap is secure. If you don’t have a protective cap you might want to consider getting one with a mesh screen. To keep the cold air out the damper should be closed when the fireplace is not in use.

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Written by Guest Blogger, Joe Gurera, ofA.B. May.